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The Knotweed Games

The Knotweed Games consist of a series of nomadic workshops, encouraging community actions focusing on the removal and use of the edible and fibrous Japanese knotweed. The events are calling for a joint action for harvesting the plant and learning how to make natural dyes from its roots, paper from its stems and prepare tasty dishes from the shoots of the young invasives. By recognising its beneficial qualities local communities and relevant stakeholders are then encouraged to imagine and develop new locally viable initiatives and collaborations addressing the issues regarding invasive plants.

The workshop is set to question the approaches we construct towards the unknown phenomena and propose alternative ways to collectively learn, act and think about our common concerns within the places we co-create.

Introduction to the issue regarding invasive species: learning how to think and act towards Japanese knotweed ‘invasion’

Removing and collecting the plant

Community lunch: Japanese knotweed omelette

Dye-making workshop from the knotweed rhizomes

Join the Iniciative!

With the aim to encourage new approaches in the treatment of so-called invasive alien plants, designers prepared The Knotweed Notebook. A compilations of recipes on how work with the invasive plant, serves the collective as an educational tool for the workshops. A manual for disposal and creative use of Japanese knotweed invites participants of the events and interested readers to engage with activities and identify new opportunities offered by this versatile plant. The publication is printed on Japanese knotweed paper, orders on demand.

Open-access E-publication available here.

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